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100 Inexpensive Ways To Improve Your Bathroom - A DIY Guide

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Improve Your Bathroom on a Budget
April 2011

Installing a new vanity is the best way to give your bathroom a big-time make-over, however there are hundreds of additional ways to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. New paint, new faucets, new flooring and new lights are all no-brainers, however, we thought it would be fun and informative to make a list of 100 other ways to improve your bathroom.

Pick and choose your favorites from the list below. If you have an idea for a great bathroom improvement tip that we have missed, feel free to email it to us.

BathVanityExperts.com Presents 100 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom on Budget
100. Seasonal hand towels - For a few dollars you can keep several sets on hand and change them as the seasons change.
99. New knobs on cabinet doors & drawer pulls - Brushed nickel finishes give a contemporary feel. Your options are endless.
98. Clean that grout - A toothbrush and some elbow grease will make your tile shine. The grout is often overlooked.
97. Toss the old medicine - Pay attention to expiration dates and safely dispose of old medication. Get shelf space back.
96. Wooden zen-like soap holder - Found in fine hotels, these cool soap trays are inexpensive and look great.
95. Toilet paper "Notary Stamp" - Impress your snobby friends with your own stamp. Fold the ends for that "hotel" look.
94. New light switches - Perhaps a dimmer or two can set some mood lighting.
93. LCD TV on the wall - Cheaper and easier than you think, imagine watching soaps while taking a relaxing bubble bath.
92. Candles - Tea-lights floating in water in little shot glasses look great when lit.
91. Scent diffuser - Those cool wooden sticks soaking in oil keep your bathroom smellin' great.
90. Bath Salts - Keep decorative bundles on a shelf and treat yourself to a relaxing bath from time to time.
89. Vinegar mixed with baking soda - The "green" way to clean and kill bacteria in your bathroom without harsh chemicals.
88. Stylish soap dispensers - No more little bars of soap scattered on your sink. Refill liquid is cheap. Buy in bulk.
87. A quieter exhaust fan - Replace that squeaky old fan in your ceiling with a new whisper fan.
86. Towel warmer - Perfect for those cold mornings in the Northeast.
85. Mount a lighted magnifying mirror to the wall - See those blemishes and take care of them accordingly.
84. Flushable baby wipes - So much more comfortable than dry toilet paper.
83. Lucky Bamboo - Requires just a little water and indirect light. Might bring you prosperity and good luck!
82. Art - Mount a photo above the toilet. Be original. Give your male guests something to ponder as they go #1.
81. Clean your shower spray nozzles - Hard water can build up fast. Rub the rubber nubs to break off calcium deposits.
80. Decorative toilet flush handle - They come in many cool styles. Dice, dolphins, bamboo and many more.
79. Put a stylish, moisture resistant analog clock on your vanity counter top. Never be late again.
78. Wall mount magazine rack - Get that magazine rack off the floor if your bathroom is small.
77. Sun-catcher in window - If you are a little bit hippie, a vibrant sun-catcher in the window can make your bathroom groovy.
76. Tighten your toilet seat screws - You'd be surprised how easily they get loose. A solid foundation when sitting is nice.
75. Shaving cream on mirror - Slather it on, wipe it off and your mirror won't fog up for about two weeks. Amazing!
74. Body fat scale in the corner - Possibly more important than your weight, know what your body fat percentage is.
73. Red heat lamp - Burns a lot of electricity but looks cool and warms a cold bathroom. Make your own red-light district.
72. Squeegee squeegee squeegee - Use it and keep hard water stains off your shower glass.
71. Cool collection of matchbooks on shelf - Makes you look hip and a quick burn of a match and your sins are forgiven.
70. Stainless steel containers - Keep Q-Tips, cotton balls and other stuff handy but avoid the clutter.
69. Textured grip tape on shower floor - You don't want to have to sue yourself for a slip-n-fall in your own home.
68. Re-seal stone counters - Stone seems solid but it is actually very porous. Re-seal once a year or so.
67. New shower curtain - See any mold on your old one? Ditch it and give your room a new vibe.
66. Snake out your drains - Water draining slow? Are you handy? Snake out your drains and get things moving.
65. Waterproof clock radio - Not very hip, but if you love music or talk radio, why not enjoy it in the bathroom?
64. Mouthwash in a cool bottle - Drinkers might put blue Listerine in an empty frosted vodka bottle.
63. New floor mats - Cliche' yes, but this is a long list and this is an easy one.
62. Toothpaste in a pump - No more tubes laying around or caps to fall and get dirty.
61. A beautiful orchid in a vase - Get a faux one if you don't have a green thumb.
60. Want to save water? - Put a sand bag in the toilet tank and see if you still get a good flush.
59. Paint one wall a new color - Sometimes just painting one wall is enough to give a room new life.
58. Hand-held shower attachment - Be sure you use plumber's tape as these can leak if not attached right.
57. Shower seat - Perfect if you or a loved one at home are getting up there in years.
56. Monogrammed towels - Feel like an aristocrat (or ego-maniac) as you look at your own initials every day.
55. New toilet paper holder - Options abound. Floor standing, modern, antique. Find one that suits you best.
54. Foot-soak tub - If your dogs are barking at the end of a long day, give them a nice long soak with some epsom salt.
53. Olive oil & club soda - Use these together to polish any stainless steel fixtures.
52. Small zen-like waterfall - Enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water.
51. Clear the pipes - If you have a double vanity and don't use one side very often, run some water through it every week.
50. Check for leaks - Look under your sink for water stains. Catching leaks early saves big cash.
49. Drip pan - Keep one under your sink IN CASE you have a slow leak you don't notice.
48. Wall mount fireplace above tub - About the size of a painting and powered by sterno cans.
47. Dual flush toilet - Flush a little or a lot depending on your situation.
46. Velvet - Line your vanity drawers with velvet for a classy touch.
45. Hair Dryer - Mount one to your wall like in hotels.
44. X10 Lighting Control - Runs through your electrical outlets and gives you custom dimmer control.
43. Clean your lighting sconces - An often overlooked item to clean, will brighten up the bathroom.
42. Backsplash - Keep your drywall dry behind your sink. Might need a pro to do this but should be inexpensive.
41. Hand rails in tub/shower - Be sure to attach to studs in the wall so they are nice and sturdy.
40. Toilet valet - Floor standing or wall-mount above the toilet. Gives you more storage space.
39. Professional cleaning - Even if only a few times a year, treat yourself to having a pro clean the bathroom.
38. New base-board - Easy to do if you are handy, this gives you a chance to see if you have any mold in the walls too.
37. Interior Design Magazines - Buy a few and flip through them for design ideas.
36. Perk up your morning - Get a small coffee pot for your nearby master bedroom.
35. Toilet phone - Take a cue from hotels and never miss a call, even when you are on the throne.
34. Rock salt lamp - Purifies the air according to holistic types and looks cool.
33. Pop-up Drain - The old style drains stops are out. Large capped pop-up drains are the "in" thing in now.
32. Motion Sensor on Lights - No more worrying about turning the lights off. Save electricity and money.
31. Tighten Faucet Knobs - Over time they get loose and start to wiggle.
30. Outlet covers - Childproof covers over outlets near water sources make your bathroom safer.
29. Dry erase pens - Write your to-do list or important tasks or reminders on your mirror.
28. Auto-shut off valve on toilet - Prevent leaks and save water.
27. Clean your P-Trap - You might find that lost ring and get your drain moving faster.
26. New toilet brush - Got mold and bacteria built-up on the old one? Time to replace...
25. New Vessel Bowl - Try a new color, stone or design if you have a raised vessel bowl sink.
24. Cell phone charger - Forgot to charge your phone overnight? Charge it for a few minutes while brushing your teeth.
23. Lose the bottle trap - P-traps are the US standard and prevent sewer gas smell from coming up your drain.
22. New Mirror - This simple upgrade will give your bathroom a new look. Donate your previous one to Charity.
21. Eco-friendly fluorescent bulbs - Save energy by changing out your standard light bulbs.
20. Quarter-turn angle-stops. Have a plumber update your old water supply valves.
19. Stencil borders - Accents around your windows and/or mirrors give your bathroom personality.
18. End table - Perfect for putting candles of a flower vase on the table.
17. Tall vase with reeds or bamboo - Big visual impact without taking up much space. Not for those with small children.
16. Photo frames - Put inspiring photos in the frames to get your day off to a great start.
15. Corner shelving - Gain storage space and keep the clutter off of your bathroom counter.
14. Time release air freshener - Available at commercial supply stores, set it to freshen every hour or twice a day.
13. Seasonal soaps - Light pastels in spring, candy-cane color during the holidays, reds & browns in the fall.
12. Bonzai tree - Place it on the back of the toilet tank, bathroom counter or a shelf. Be sure to trim occasionally.
11. New kitty litter tray - Does your feline friend share a bathroom with you? Get him or her a fancy new tray.
10. Wicker basket - Store towels, soaps and lotions in style.
9. Inspirational sayings - Using stencils, paint your favorite motto or saying on your wall.
8. New door knob - Upgrade your door knob and add a lock if you want more privacy.
7. Oil the hinges - Water and humidity can rust out old hinges. Give them a little oil if they are squeaking.
6. Clean the baseboards - Often overlooked, the tops of baseboards get dustier than you might think.
5. Back-lit light switch - Makes it easy to see when you are fumbling around in the dark when nature calls late at night.
4. Wainscotting - Waist high paneling can give your bathroom an entirely new look.
3. Guest towels - Perfect if you have a friend or family member visiting who makes a mess of everything.
2. Robe/Towel holder - Place this small knob on the back of your door. So simple, so functional and so easy.
1. And last but not least.... A brand new bathroom vanity from http://www.BathVanityExperts.com

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